10 Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid In 2018

It’s human to make mistakes. And when it comes to fashion, even the most stylish ones among us have, at least once, been guilty of committing fashion mistakes. Yes, we all have been there! But, considering how trend conscious the world is today, we simply can't afford to make fashion mistakes. In this age of Instagram and Pinterest, fashion trends change with the blink of an eye and sometimes, it gets difficult to avoid occasional fashion faux pas.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you. So, we’ve drawn up a list of major fashion blunders that you must avoid in 2018, at all costs.

Going over the top with animal print

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with patterns and fabrics. What we mean is too much animal print in one outfit is a big ‘no-no’! It is one of the worst fashion blunders that women commit. While it is trendy to have a small animal print clutch or animal print hair accessory with a simple outfit in block colors, going over the top with animal prints is cringe worthy. The rule of thumb is to wear a balanced outfit, with animal printed decorative accessories or details to add a hint of quirk to your fashion sense.

Don't wear animal prints


Wearing too many accessories

Emphasizing your outfit with a statement necklace or earrings is a perfect way to make yourself noticeable, but you should really avoid wearing too many accessories. Gaudy and chunky jewelry should be kept to a minimum for a special occasion where it is the highlight of your monochromatic outfit.

Avoid too much accessories


Wearing too many trends together

Not all trends are created equally. Wearing too many trends together is a mistake that many women unknowingly make. The problem with wearing too many trends together is that all the different styles rival each other and end up ruining the overall look. To avoid this, we recommend you that regardless of the trends learn to balance your outfit. Don’t overdo any trend and find a style that flatters you the most.

Don't wear too many trends altogether


Grownups dressing like a teenager

We all like trendy clothes but wearing age in-appropriate clothes is a mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Sometimes, people get stuck in their teens, refusing to let go of dresses with frills or spaghetti strap tees, which makes them look really weird. People need to readjust their focus with time and experiment with different shapes, cuts and fabrics. Refusing to go with the flow and not embracing their age is a mistake which many people unintentionally make. Although, it’s unintentional but it’s definitely a mistake that keeps many gorgeous ladies from looking their best.

Grownup dresses like a teenager

Wearing leggings as pants

No doubt, leggings are comfortable, they’re slimming and they’re inexpensive too. But, should they be worn as pants? No. Regarding leggings as pants is a huge fashion faux pas. As pants, they’re pretty awkward - both for you and whoever happens to witness them. If you really like the comfort of leggings, the best way to wear them is with a tunic that hits about mid-thigh. This way, you'll get the look of leggings but still have plenty of coverage.

Avoid leggings for pants


Wrong clothing material

Although most of our clothes today are made up of synthetic materials, especially the evening attires, but there comes a time in every woman’s life when she really needs to start paying attention to the fabric she chooses. Paying attention to the quality of fabrics of your garment, is equally important as choosing the right garment. A quality “basic” piece is definitely worth a whole lot more than ten average items bought on a whim. A fabric like the one made using organic materials will look good for years and will allow you to look effortlessly beautiful and not to mention ‘elegant’.

Wear breathable organic fabric


Gaping holes between shirt buttons

Formal button-down shirts and blouses are a wardrobe must-have for every girl. They look really great if they fit well. But, sometimes, even if a button down shirt fits you correctly, there may be those pesky, gaping holes in between buttons visible around the bust area. You can easily solve this problem by concealing those gaps by applying double-sided tape in between buttons. Or even better if you get your button-down shirt tailored-made to accommodate your bust and fit properly. It is a little expensive to get our clothes tailor made but it is definitely worth it!

No gaping holes between shirts


Following trends blindly

We all love following trends. They make us feel good about ourselves and make us look trendy. While it’s good to follow trends, it’s important to focus on the ones that will flatter your shape and style. For example, the wide-leg jeans are all the rage today, but it looks best on women with a lean figure. Similarly, women with short height  should go for vertical stripes. Finally, the decision is all yours. You know best.

See what you wear


Undergarments showing

There can be nothing worse than undergarments showing through a beautiful dress. It looks very tasteless and ugly. To avoid this fashion blunder, opt for seamless nude underwear if you are going for an all white top or dress. If you are wearing tight pants, go for skin-colored underwear for no-show. It’s also a good idea to wear a no-panty-lines brief under extra-tight pants or yoga pants to avoid embarrassing panty lines and look your classy best.

No Undergarments to Show


Wearing clothes that are too big for you

Wearing clothes that are way too big, baggy and oversized for your body type is another huge fashion blunder. Most women, when they gain weight, think they can hide their flab and bumps under loose clothing. Sadly, it ends up making them look bigger. What you can do instead is to always cinch in the narrowest part of your body and not hide your beautiful self in excessive fabric.

Don't wear too big clothes

Quick tips to help you look your stylish best

Focus on your strengths. We all are special in our own way. We all have a particular fit that looks flattering on us. So, go for an outfit that accentuates your best areas and hide our flaws.

Quality over quantity: A quality dress, made up of fine materials is a wardrobe must have. They effortlessly make you look beautiful, without trying too hard.

Create your own style: Do not follow trends blindly. Rather, create your own unique style. Search for styles, designs and cuts you feel the most comfortable in and, most importantly, feel good about yourself.

Try to strike a balance: Try to make a balance between your dressing, accessories and make-up. The trick is not to overdo anything.

Ralph Lauren has rightly said that Fashion comes from within us. It is something that we have to decide. You need to find the right balance of simplicity and style and the fashion statement that resonates with your personality. After all, fashion is not at all about blindly following trends but expressing yourself and finding a style that makes you feel empowered.


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