12 Style tips for travelers to look Instagram ready always

We all love travelling and exploring new places. It makes us happier, releases stress and helps us gain new life experiences. No matter what our age, the idea of travel, including the travel planning gets us excited like a small kid. Once the itinerary is chalked out, comes the time of packing our clothes for travel. While everyone wants to stay comfortable during their travel, nobody wants to look dowdy and unstylish in their Instagram and Facebook photographs. Whether your travel strategy involves achieving maximum coziness or looking like a carefree traveler, your travel outfit should at the very least fulfill one basic purpose - look effortlessly stylish.

This guide will provide the basis for choosing the best outfits for travelers and looking Instagram ready always!

Choose a printed skirt for long travel

When travelling, skirts are a good alternative to jeans or pants, provided you like to wear skirts. They keep you really comfortable and make it easy for you to use restrooms. If you have decided to wear skirt, choose a printed skirt as it is less prone to displaying grime and wrinkles. Also, when travelling for long hours, go for a fabric which is - fast-dry, wrinkle-proof and breathable.

 Printed Skirts for long travels

The three shoes rule

Choosing the right shoes for your travel is one of the most difficult aspects of travel packing. While we want to look stylish, it is equally important to stay comfortable. If you are confused about which shoes to pack, always go for the ‘three shoes rule’. Pack three pairs of shoes in your bag - a comfortable daytime shoe to walk around in, comfortable sandals, and heeled sandals if you plan to go clubbing.

 Shoes to take on a trip

Carry accessories to perk up any outfit

Right accessories can add that extra oomph to any outfit. So when packing your bags, don’t forget to pack some basic accessories, like a statement necklace or a pair of oversized earrings. Pack your makeup and toiletries in a sleek pouch that doubles as an evening bag. Last but not the least, don’t forget to pack your favorite sunglasses as they make you look stylish without trying too hard.

 Accessories to go with every outfit

Carry a hat

A nice hat can totally transform a plain-jane outfit into something really stylish and instagram ready. The best part about hats is that they don’t just look stylish but can also help you keep cool in the warm weather, cover up your less-than-clean hair, and, most importantly, provide the much-needed sun protection.

 Hat on a trip

Stay comfortable and stylish in organic cotton clothes

It is completely understandable to want to be comfortable on long travel days, and there are plenty of ways to do that without sacrificing your style. One such way is by wearing organic fashion clothes. Clothes made of organic materials not just keep you comfortable and odor free but also make you look super stylish. Just pair them with a nice, colorful scarf. A colorful scarf will pull the whole outfit together, and add color and pattern to it. There are many Organic fashion stores in India that offer the best range of stylish organic clothes for travelers.

 Wear comfortable Organic Fashion

Pack tank tops in different colors

Simple, solid-colored tanks tops are a must have for every woman traveler. They are versatile, lightweight, and easy to pack. Bring 5-6 of them so that you can interchange them during your travel. Tank tops are also perfect for layered looks. Just wear a shrug, cardigan or a jacket over your tank top and pair it with a nice scarf to look effortlessly stylish.

 Variety of tank tops

Shrugs or cardigans

Pack a basic shrug or cardigan so that they serve different purposes. Cardigans or shrugs can instantly dress up a tank top or a camisole top and are great for the days when the weather takes unexpected turns. They will also come handy when your hotel building cranks up the A/C in the height of summer.

 Shrugs and Cardigans

A wrinkle resistant black dress

Black dresses are versatile and look really great in photographs. You can find black dresses in tens of thousands of style, for every body type. So, don’t forget to pack a black dress with a bit of stretch to amp-up your travel style. A stretchable black dress will not develop wrinkles and will give you the confidence that no matter where travel might turn, you will have something to wear that goes with all occasions.

 Wrinkle free little black dress

Carry basics that can be mixed and matched

About 70% of the clothes you pack should be of the type that can be mixed and matched. You can pack a dark blue jeans, a cute flowy dress, a black skirt, shorts or a warm coat, depending on the local climate and your travel destination. You can even carry dressy casual blouses that can be mixed and matched to fit any occasion. This way you will always have something good to wear and you will be able to travel light.

 Carry Everyday Basics

For example, you can wear a plain white organic cotton top with some dark jeans or shorts for physical activities like biking, hiking or just exploring a place by foot. The same top can be tucked into a black skirt and covered with a cardigan to dress up for a dinner in town.

Versatile scarves

Scarves top the list of travel essentials since they are so versatile. They are perfect for everyday and all-season use - light and easy to carry, and versatile for both work and play. With little creativity, they can even be used as headgear, wrap around skirt and shrug.

 Versatile scarves in different colors

Experiment with layers

Layering is the key to dressing your outfits up or down. A little black dress can quickly become dressed up when it’s topped with a shrug or cardigan and paired with dark stockings. Similarly, dark jeans with a plain top can instantly look even more stylish when paired with a well-fitted colorful jacket or a long scarf.

 Experiment with variety of layers

Last but not the least, consider your destination

Packing for travel involves more than just packing according to the geographical climate. One has to be aware of the cultural and political climate of the travel destination too.

For example, If you’re visiting a conservative country or any location where culture sports a more conservative style, be respectful and wear covered clothes. While it’s fine to wear any kind of  clothes in cosmopolitan areas, in rural areas, it is important to dress up modestly. As a rule of thumb, research your location before you pack to get ideas and suggestions from travelers who have travelled to different locations.

 Choose a perfect destination

For the jet-set world of travel, every person should have an understanding of the right balance between comfort and style. So, use the tips shared in the article to build your travel wardrobe and look stylish as you explore new places and make beautiful memories.

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