5 Celebrities Who Totally Understand the Value of Organic Fashion

Being in the public eye comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your actions and choices have numerous results on your fans. While some celebs get lost in the world of glam and glitz, there are fortunately some who use their fame to spread a message they’re passionate about. Our Earth as we know is on the brink of an impending disaster. This requires us all to take some strict actions together and someone to take the lead.

There’s no denying the fact that when celebs speak, people listen and follow. In this article, we are going to share with you the celebs that played a crucial role in bringing organic fashion into the mainstream. We’re pretty sure you recognize most of the faces on the list, but how aware are you about the values they endorse? Following are some of the celebs who have realized the value of organic fashion and have sported organic clothing at prominent events to set an example for others to follow:

Emma Watson

emma watson wears tisci dress in support of sustainable fashion

Emma Watson in Riccardo Tisci Dress which was made using organic materials

The gorgeous, Emma Watson was the first celebrity to take the green carpet challenge in 2015. Started by a company called Eco-Age, Green Carpet Challenge has the famous people wearing eco-friendly fashion and extending their support for sustainable fashion. While promoting her movie Beauty and the Beast, the diva showed the world how beautiful organic fashion look can when she stepped out in a black chiffon and silk Riccardo Tisci dress. The beautiful dress that adorned Emma was made of Eco-Age certified organic materials and was paired with black faux-leather heels. This exhibited Emma’s dedication for the eco-friendly and cruelty free fashion and inspired many budding divas to follow their idol.


Dia Mirza

Dia mirza in gown made of recycled materials in support of sustainable fashion

Dia Mirza wearing a gown made up of recycled materials 

When we think of sustainable fashion in India, our very own pretty diva Dia Mirza is setting the example for many. The former Miss India is a huge champion of nature and the clothes she wears reflect her personal ethos. Talking to a leading daily she once said that her stylist always chooses clothes for her that are sustainable. They celebrate fabrics and make sure they opt for brands and designers who make clothes from handwoven and organic materials only. Knowing this we can only say, she is beautiful inside and out!


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama in support of green fashion

Michelle Obama goes green!

Michelle Obama is the only first lady after Jackie Kennedy whose elegant fashion choices are admired by many. The powerful former first lady had everything what it takes to be a style icon and she also knew how to use fashion as a tool to drive the change. While many celebs wear a piece of clothing only once before discarding it, Michelle re-wore garments and wore them in style every time! She is also a huge supporter of organic fashion.


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman wearing an eco - friendly dress and a ring

Natalie Portman Wearing eco-friendly ring and dress

When we talk of one of the most eco-friendly stars, Natalie Portman surely occupies the top slot. She only takes organic and sustainable fashion brands to red carpets. Recently, she took her commitment to environmental causes a step further by choosing a wedding ring that was entirely made from recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds. One word for her - Inspirational!


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyenth Paltrow in support of eco - friendly wear

Gwyneth Wearing La Perla Goop (Eco Wear)

The Iron Man Actress is a role model for many, not just because of her acting and singing skills but also because of her dedication for environment-friendly fashion. Paltrow’s company Goop creates eco-friendly shirts made of organic fabrics, silk dyed with low impact dyes. Not just this, for every shirt sold, a tree is planted in the Tahoe National Forest. The actress has even collaborated with many others to take the message of eco fashion forward. We think she’s amazing. Don’t you concur?


We are in complete awe of the celebrities who are leading the way to environment-friendly fashion by supporting the movement. You can support the movement too by buying organic clothing and accessories from COA. We help make organic fashion movement a big success not just for you and us but for the better health of the lovely planet we call our home!


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