5 Reasons Organic Fashion is Trending!

We all love to follow fashion trends as they make us feel ‘trendy’ and lend us a sense of pride and confidence in our appearance. While many fashion trends are believed to be set by the fashion brands only in the pursuit of making profits, there are certain fashion trends that never go out of vogue. The same goes for the ‘Organic fashion trend’. Ever since, it made way into our closets, we have totally loved it and if the current trend is any clue, it’s quite clear that the organic fashion craze is here to stay. We tell you why.


Organic fashion today is very aesthetically pleasing

A few years ago, organic fashion was considered to be the ‘need of the hour’ but not very aesthetically pleasing. However, with the emergence of amazing organic fashion brands, creative designers are transforming previous boring and monotonous designs into something very trendy and appealing.

Social media dictates trends today and organic is a popular trend

When it comes to making our fashion choices, social media is a major influencer. People like to follow trends and are most likely to buy products that are recommended by other social media users. Adopting an organic way of life and making healthy choices is the latest trend on internet today. For today’s millennials, organic fashion is not just trendy but a way of life.


Celebrities too are adopting the organic trend

We all like to follow our favorite stars, don’t we? From the hairstyles they carry to the clothes they wear - everything they do becomes a trend. Among the growing tribe of environmental conscious bollywood celebrities, Dia Mirza, who has been the face of many pivotal environmental campaigns across India, greatly stresses on the importance of adopting organic fashion and reusing garments for sustainable fashion. Appreciating her efforts to support ‘clean’ fashion and environment, she has been appointed UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador for India. Courteney Cox, Julia Roberts, Kelly Osborne are some international stars that are making big impact on the young minds.

Toxins that lurk in synthetic clothes are harmful for us

The fashion industry uses many synthetic chemicals that may make clothes superior in form and function but their side effects are very serious for our health. For example, Poly-cotton material, that come with ‘easy care’ and ‘crease resistant’ tags are treated with formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic.

Toxicity from chemicals was never an issue in the past because most of our clothing and accessories were made from natural fibers or materials. But today, with increasing demand for cheap and good quality clothes and innovations in clothing technology, manufacturing processes have changed drastically.


The use of toxic chemicals over a long time has resulted in many serious health issues for us. Infertility, allergies, contact dermatitis and cancer, which were very rare in the yesteryears have become common in today’s society. The skin being the largest organ of the body is at high risk of getting in contact with toxins. So, to avoid future health risks, it is very important to make our fashion choices wisely and adopt an ‘organic way of life’.

Adverse impact on the environment

After oil and agriculture, it’s the fashion industry that pollutes the world the most. Massive amounts of toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, and the waste generated from it seeps into air, soil and water bodies. But, with the growing concern for the environment, the times have changed. Fashion brands that resorted to ‘harmful’ practices are paying the price in the form of ‘bad reputation’ as the organic fashion movement grows strong.

Why the proponents of organic fashion movement are rejoicing?

The proponents of organic fashion are very happy with how the market has received organic clothing and accessories. As per reports from the Organic Trade Association, the organic business is booming. In the year 2014, organic fashion sales jumped 11.3%. The market report also suggests that organic fashion’s appeal now extends far beyond just the ‘elite’ and ‘environmental conscious people’. With the growing demand for sustainable and health-friendly products, organic fashion is now the face of the fashion industry.

Benefits of organic clothing

What are the benefits of going organic?

Going organic is not only good for the body but also for your conscience since you know your choices are not having a bad impact on the environment. By adopting the organic way of life, you reduce toxins present in the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Your skin loves the tender touch of organic clothes, and it reflects in the form of better skin health. Besides, it’s not just your skin that loves organic material. Opting for organic materials reduces your risk for developing respiratory problems and even deadly diseases like cancer.

  •         Happy farmers

By patronizing organic fashion brands you indirectly help farmers, not just financially but also in terms of better health and happiness. Lots of harmful pesticides and toxic chemicals are used in conventional farming that cause a number of health problems for farmers. Organic farming ensures a healthy and prosperous life for farmers and their families.

  •         Environmental benefits

Exorbitant use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers in conventional farming has led to environmental pollution. So going organic is only right since no harmful pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are used in the process. Organic farmers use nature-friendly methods which not just save them from toxicity but also conserves biodiversity, improves soil quality and prevents water contamination.


  •         Organic fashion creates a positive impact on your life

Organic fashion is about making the right choice. When you give a good thought to where your things come from, you are making a conscious effort to make the world a better place. Isn’t it a lovely feeling to know you are actually doing something for your planet and its inhabitants?

It’s hard not to be impressed with how far organic fashion has come in less than 20 years. From being a niche market to being a dominant sector now, it has come a long way. With the upward trend in sales and the broadening demographics, we can expect it to become everyone’s way of life in the years to come. Till then, we need to strengthen our organic stand and firmly hold on to it!

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