5 Secrets to Looking Stylish While Staying Comfortable Everyday

Whenever you see a stylish person somewhere, you instantly fall in love with their style. Engrossed in visual overwhelm of their loveliness, you wish you could look as comfortably stylish as them. Our desire for you is to stretch out your arms to the world of possibilities when it comes to what you wear. So, here we bring for you 5 secrets to look stylish while staying comfortable all day long. At the end, we’ll also tell you about the best organic fashion stores in India where you can buy the most stylish and comfortable dresses to look comfortably chic always!

Wear well fitted clothes with comfortable fabrics

You can take the best looking person ever and make them wear the most stylish dress. If the fit and feel of the dress is not good, they will not feel good in it. The point is that nice fit and fabric are the base upon which you can play with colors and patterns to look effortlessly stylish. Apart from the fit, it is the fabric that can make all the difference in the world. Cotton, linen and silk are some fabrics that we call timeless fabrics. Unlike synthetic fabrics, they never go out of style and have such comfortable feel that you’d never want to take them off. The best organic fashion stores in India house a collection of only certified natural fabrics that look good and feel good.

Wear Well Fitted Clothes Everyday

Keep it neutral, learn the art of mix and match

White, beige, cream, jewel tones, navy or camel-stick to neutral colors that work for you. What’s special about these colors is that they give off a classy vibe, all on their own, while keeping you cool and comfortable. Also, learn the art of ‘mix and match’. Use one signature color to add a pop of color to your neutrals when you are in the mood to mix things up.

Wear Neutral Colors Fashion

Avoid clothes with embellishments for a long, active day

Embellishments and sequins can fall off and that can make you go from being comfortable to looking sloppy. To avoid that, try not to wear clothes with sequins and embellishments for a long, active day. If you feel your outfit is boring, add accessories to liven it up.

No sequins work day wear

Wear thick heels instead of stilettos

Sky-high stilettos are a big no-no if you want to be comfortable all day long. Styles with a thick or low heel, like block heels, kitten heels etc., are not just comfortable enough for long and active work days but are also trendier than stilettos and platform heels.

Wear thick heels instead of stilettos

Loosen up a bit

Although belts are quite popular as fashion accessories, we do not usually recommend them for a long day. If you really want to wear a belt, make sure they are of good quality. Cheap quality belts look bad and ruin the look of your outfit. Besides, it’s hard to keep them in position. You’d be conscious all day long. If you really want to accentuate your waist, we suggest you layer a cropped jacket over your favorite loose, flowing dress.

Wear relaxed clothes & trendy accessories

Bonus Tip: Never go overboard with accessories

Simple jewelry is the best way to go when aiming for a stylish and comfortable style. We recommend small silver or gold hoops, diamond or pearl studs for earrings. Try a classy neck piece and a good quality watch in gold/silver with metal or leather band . Apart from that, stock up your closet with scarves. They are great way to add color and visual interest to just about any outfit, particularly if it is in solid or monochromatic color.

Play with what you wear

So, the rule of thumb is - the less you worry about the rules, the more fun it is to play with your style and re-discover the joy that comes from feeling stylish and beautiful!

Now that you know how to strike a balance between comfort and style this summer, we have a suggestion for you. If you are looking for stylish clothes to keep yourself comfortable all day long, you can shop for best fashion clothing from organic fashion stores in India. The clothes available at such stores are incredibly soft with great drape. Made from 100% organic fabrics, they tread light on the planet. You will look and feel good while wearing them.


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