5 Ways You're Benefiting The World If You Use Organic Clothes

When choosing our clothes, it is mostly the cut and color of a garment that first grabs your attention. Fabric composition often falls by the wayside. Not many people are aware of the copious amounts of toxins that go into making synthetic fabrics. That’s why eco-fashion labels and organic fashion stores in India and abroad decided to take the charge and give the world a gift of healthier way of life - the organic way of life.

Switching to organic and other eco-friendly fabrics has immense benefits. To make you understand better, we've broken it down into five simple reasons why stocking your closet with organic clothing and accessories can make a huge difference to the world.

You save oceans from microplastic pollution:

When we think of plastic pollution, we mostly think of polybags and plastic bottles, but did you know that the clothes we wear are also a major source of plastic pollution? Be it our stretch jeans, polyester shirt or polar fleece top, there is a good chance that these clothes have already released a good amount of microplastic in water bodies. Synthetic fabrics are increasingly stuffed with microplastic. When you wash these clothes millions of microplastic fibres are released into small water bodies. From there, they ultimately end up in the oceans where they are absorbed by the marine life. So, how do you tackle this menace? The first step is of course to shun the products that are the source of these microplastics. The next step is to be aware of your fashion choices and buy clothing from ones of the organic fashion stores in India that have environmental sustainability at the forefront of their ethos.

Synthetic fabric micro plastics killing sea life

Reduce the amount of toxin exposure:

The amount of toxins we are exposed to every day has given rise to a very serious health crisis. Toxins are everywhere. From our food to our clothes and even the air that we breathe in is laden with toxins. While we can do little to control the food quality and the quality of air, we can at least choose our clothes with care. We can certainly reduce our exposure to harmful toxins by choosing organic fashion. Organic fashion is free of chemical nasties and the good thing is that it is no more boring! Today, organic fashion stores in India have plenty of styles to choose from and a selection that will cover all of your outfit needs.

Organic fashion helps maintain eco-logical life balance

Help maintain Ecological Balance:

Organic fashion brands do not use toxins at any stage of manufacturing, so they help to maintain the ecological balance on the earth. This way they ensure that all living beings have good chance of survival and thrive well in their natural habitat.

Organic clothes promotes eco logical life balance

You save farmers and factory workers from harmful diseases:

As per WHO data, approximately 20,000 deaths are caused each year by pesticide and other poisoning in developing countries during manufacturing processes. Artificial dyes and chemical pesticides used in the manufacture of synthetic fibres and clothing cause a range of health concerns. From short term impacts like nausea and headache to chronic impacts like cancer and Parkinson’s, chemicals have really bad effect on the health of workers. So, by ditching synthetic fabrics you are promoting organic industry that encourages sustainable and healthier manufacturing processes.

Organic Fashion supports farmers and local interests

You support local farmers’ and local people’s interests:

Fair trade and welfare of the local farmers always comes first for all organic fashion brands. They look after the needs of local farmers and people across all its processes and ensure they have a safe working environment. So, it is always good to support an industry that has people’s welfare in mind. Most importantly, you feel good for making indirect contribution for a community’s welfare.

Organic fashion supports local people interest and local farmers
However cliché it might sound, the change has to start somewhere and we are the best person to start. Organic fashion sends a message – fashion does not have to be detrimental to the planet we inhabit. It shows us how we can make a difference to this world by just making few conscious choices. If we can alter our ways just a little bit, we might be doing a small step towards the world becoming a better place. So, the next time you set out to buy yourself a dress, make sure you buy it from an organic fashion store in India that makes its clothes with love and care - from seed to the garment!
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