90’s fashion trends that are making a comeback in 2018

90’s fashion is back, and it’s back with a bang! The redux isn’t just limited to the runway models. Everyone, from your favorite bollywood celebrities to fashion bloggers are sporting 90’s look. Denim shirts, baggy tees, track pants, cat eye glasses are all back and the social media is brimming with 90’s throwbacks. Since 90’s is predicted to be the coolest trend this year, we have compiled the best elements of 90’s fashion that you can stylishly sport in 2018.



Flannel shirts are a style staple this year and your best friend for a stylish everyday look! If you are experimenting with the 90’s style for the first time, we suggest you to try flannel without hesitation. There are many ways to wear flannel shirts. You can either layer them up with a midi or dress, or simply wear it with your favorite denims for a carefree look.

 Blue Flannel Shirt

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a big hit this season. They were a fashion essential for the fashionistas in 90’s and are in trend once again. You can pair your favorite crop top with a pair of mom jeans or dungarees to rock your 90’s look. To get the most stylish range of 100% organic crop tops, you can visit one of the online organic fashion stores in India. Crop tops made of 100% organic materials have the right mix of comfort and style that looks better and feels better.

 White Stipes beautiful Crop Top


Bandanas were very popular in 90’s due to their versatility. They could be worn as a hair accessory, neck accessory and even as a shirt! Instagram and Youtube is full of bandana styles that you can try to create an edgy look or an artistic vibe.


Off-shoulder tops

It’s 2018 and the beautiful style from the 90’s is still selling like hotcakes. The style has evolved with time to take the form of a variety of new silhouettes. There are many ways to wear this style. You can wear it with pencil skirt and heels for a chic party look or pair it with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers to create a statement appeal.

Off- Shoulder Tops

Track pants

Track pants is certainly one of the best trends from 90’s. It keeps you comfortable while making you look effortlessly stylish and that’s the reason why they have made a comeback this year. From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner, all the present day fashionistas are rocking track pants and we’re totally loving it!

Red Track Pants with Shirt

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye frames were a massive hit in the '90’s. Now, the style is back in a more modern avatar, as evidenced by our very own diva, Priyanka Chopra, who paired this eyewear with roomy yellow tote and checked monochrome slip-ons and made it trendy in India all over again!

 Cat eye Sunglasses


Choker was one of the most favourite accessories of 90’s women. The collar-like neck accessories featured charms and jewels and added an edgy element to outfits. In 2018, chokers have made a comeback and can provide a range of outfits with a chic ’90’s touch.Wear your choker with an off shoulder top for a stylish look or with a plaid shirt for some serious '90s grunge vibes.

Chokers Fashion Accessories for women

Combat Boots

Combat boots that are basically military boots designed to be worn by soldiers, were the favourite footwear trend of the '90’s. You can sport them with skinny jeans and long shirt for a careless chic look or pair them with a floral dress for an edgy look.

Combat Boots

High-Waisted Mom Jeans

Mom jeans that were popular in 90’s have made a stylish comeback in 2018. The high-waisted, baggy style that was once mostly worn by street-style stars is gaining popularity again in fashion circles. From Gigi Hadid to Bollywood divas-all are giving this style a stylish makeover.

High Waist Mom Jeans with Denim Jacket

Patches on jackets and sweatshirts

Sticking or stitching patches on denim jackets and sweatshirts was a '90’s way of giving expression to your style and individuality in one garment. If you loved this style back in 90’s , you should be happy to hear that this style is "cool" again. Spotted at Fashion Week, with designer labels and embroidered rose sewn into the back, this style is surely here to stay.

Jackets and sweatshirts with Patches

Platform Sneakers

If you love the comfort of sneakers but still want to look like a tall supermodel, then this style is definitely for you. Gucci helped bring this '90’s fashion trend back and now everyone, from Disha Patani to Alia Bhatt are flaunting the platform versions of their favourite shoes.

Platform heel Sneakers


Dungarees were a massive hit in the 90’s and with a bit of modern twist, you can rock the look in 2018 too. With stars like Bella Hadid and Alia Bhatt sporting dungarees at various occasions, it can be said that this trend is definitely here to stay. It sure did disappear for a long time, but it’s on its path to resurrection in the fashion world, that too with a bang!


White Sneakers

White sneakers are all over the internet these days and we really can’t get over them. Once sported by Chuck Taylors, Air Jordans and others in the '90’s, the trend resurfaced in a major way in 2018. They can be paired with ripped jeans as well as with skirts for a stylish look that never fails to impress.

White Sneakers

Denim Skirts

We have all loved the comfort and style of denim skirts, so they are back to up our style game again. From the front slit, buttoned, A-line skirts to flower pattern skirts. Distressed mini to knee length skirts, the variety available today will leave you spoilt for choice. Denim skirts suit anyone irrespective of the age and body type and we are thankful that these are coming back. So, take your old, distressed denim skirt out of the closet and go for it already!

Denim Skirts

Denim Shirts/jackets

Okay! We are obsessed with denim and so was the 90’s. If we talk of fashion essentials for 90’s, then the denim jacket will definitely make it to the list. The best thing about denim jackets is that they go with anything and everything. They work perfectly for layering, and can be worn almost throughout the year. So, wear them with your favourite flowy dress or with denims as they are here to stay in 2018.

Denim Shirts and Denim Jackets

Oversized shirts

In the past few years, loose and oversized clothes were a big sin. You were known to be stylish only when you wore tight and body hugging clothes. But it’s 2018 and we’re done with body hugging clothes.With 90’s fashion making a strong comeback this year, oversized shirts boyfriend T-shirts are back in trend again. Pair your oversized t-shirt with a blazer to get that laid back look or wear an oversized shirt in off shoulder form to flaunt your toned shoulders.

Over Sized Shirts or Boyfriend Shirts

Matching monochromes

A sleek style in the 90’s, monochromes are a big trend in 2018. Replacing neons and patterned sets, they have made an elegant entry in our wardrobes. With the matching sets, there is a lot you can experiment with.Matching jacket and trouser sets, matching crop top and skirt set, there are many options to jazz up your matching monochrome look.

Matching monochromes

Fashion trends are dynamic and fickle. BUT, there are some styles that never go out of vogue. 90’s fashion is one of them. It is cool, carefree and stylish and millennials are totally confident pulling it off. So, pick your favorites from the list above and flaunt it to make heads turn in appreciation of your style.


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