Are the Prices of Organic Clothes Justified?

Climate change has greatly impacted our present world. Today, it has become worse to an extent that people are not simply talking about the issues, but also taking steps to prevent further damage. Good news is that the world of fashion has also understood its responsibility in making a positive impact on the world. It is clearly visible in the fashion choices people make in their daily life. Shoppers are actively supporting Indian organic fashion stores that sell eco-friendly fashion and follow eco-friendly guidelines at each step.

While many people are aware of the benefits of organic fashion, the price tags often hold them back from making that purchase. So, why is it that organic clothes are often ‘seemingly’ more expensive than synthetic or non-organic clothes and why investing in organic fashion is totally worth it? Let’s find out.

Economics of scale

Organic fashion industry is still growing. It is an emerging industry. Most of the companies on board with the organic fashion products are smaller and don’t always have the ability to achieve the sheer sales scale that is required to drive the prices down.

So, basically, it’s all about the power of numbers – the economies of scale. Simply put, the more demand there is, the more affordable it will become. Currently the market is very small, with only few Indian organic fashion stores in the ethical fashion space.

Organic Clothing Economies of Scale

Sustainable materials cost more to grow and manufacture:

It can cost a hell lot of money simply to get a business certified as organic. The cost of growing organic materials, such as organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool, soy and so on is much higher than growing non-organic materials.

Organic crops such as organic cotton, bamboo etc. are free from the use of Genetically Modified Organisms, chemical pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers, which are cheaper to buy for the producers.  But then the fact of the matter is that these toxic shortcuts are precisely what enable the producers to keep their costs down. Growing organic materials is a costly and labor intensive process as it's done without the use of chemical aids.

Additionally, growing organic is much more time intensive as non-chemical methods like crop rotation, hand weeding etc are used.

Sustainable Raw Materials Cost More

Eco-friendly fabrics and low impact dyes cost more

Eco-friendly fabrics that are used to design organic clothes are more expensive. Also, low-impact dyes are used instead of carcinogenic dyes. This makes them more expensive than traditional clothes. It is because of these factors, the designers or companies involved in making and selling organic clothing, have to keep their costs a little higher. In the end, it’s the quality that matters. You get what you pay for!

Eco-friendly fabrics and dyes

Prices are very much comparable to branded clothing and accessories

When we visit a branded fashion store, we often don't think twice before shelling out our hard earned money. Why? Because, we often perceive that branded is always better in terms of quality. While it’s true that most of the brands do focus on quality, it’s also true that the fabric and materials used is often not organic. This means you are exposed to allergens (from synthetic clothing) and harmful dyes that can seriously harm your health. When you buy organic clothing and accessories, you don’t just feel good and comfortable but also protect your body from harmful materials used in synthetic clothing. The cost of organic clothing is comparable and sometimes even better than normal branded clothes. So why fall into the trap of buying expensive branded clothes when you can buy safe and comfortable organic clothes at the same or even better price?

Moreover, organic fashion trend is fast picking up. From Instagram to Pinterest - it’s all over the internet. This simply means, you can proudly flaunt your organic fashion while feeling good about having made a better choice, which is good for everyone. It will also contribute to your image as a classy, sensible and right thinking individual.

Organic Clothing & Comparable Prices to other brands

Quality is everything

Organic fashion is a lot more than just how materials and clothes are made. Organic fashion equals a sustainable wardrobe which is best in terms of quality. There are very strict guidelines to be certified organic which is why it's more expensive to produce organic or recycled fabrics.  They are so good in quality that you can wear them for years and can even pass them on to your generations as a thoughtful gift.

Organic & Quality Products

Giving back to the workers

When you buy a cheap piece of clothing, you don’t just expose yourself to pesticides, harmful dyes and other chemicals but you are also likely supporting unfair labor. Have you ever thought why fast fashion costs so cheap? The reason so many companies can afford to sell super cheap clothing and other products is because they don’t pay their workers well. Also, the farmers have to work with cheap, harmful pesticides to keep the costs down. Organic farmers on the other hand, never use harmful chemicals, which helps them stay healthy. The factory workers are also paid well to ensure better product quality.

Organic Industry gives back to its workers

Non GMO seeds are used in growing organic fabric materials

The use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is strictly prohibited in the production of organic products. This means an organic farmer can never grow crops using GMO seeds. A rigorous certification process, including periodic testing, is required to certify that the farmer is not using GMO for growing organic materials. A GMO is an organism that has been genetically modified by injecting it with genetic material from other species. They are found to be unsafe by the scientists as they produce toxins, allergens and carcinogens.

Non-GMO Seeds

The entire process – production to selling – consumes more time

The entire cycle of production of organic fashion is strictly monitored. From certification, sourcing, manufacturing to providing fair labor conditions, producing organic clothing materials consumes significantly more time and efforts than conventional methods. Time is very important for businesses. And the organic clothing manufacturers and sellers have to make sure products are grown, created and shipped ethically, so the entire process involves more money.

Production time for Organic Products

When you buy organic fashion, you will have wardrobe staples that you’ll have in your closet for many years. After all, spending a little more on a beautiful, long lasting key piece is definitely more worth it over continuously buying cheap pieces. Also, it’s no more plain and boring. Today, they are available in plethora of styles and materials. This means, you can look good and do good for the environment with your wardrobe. So, do your part in saving and protecting this planet. Visit an organic fashion store today and discover the best sustainable options for your wardrobe.

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