Celebrities on Twitter who Support Organic Fashion

Fashion and social media have a huge impact on our culture and everyday choices. What celebrities wear on red carpet or even in their personal lives is closely watched and followed by the youngsters on social media. When they see their favorite celebrities wearing and supporting organic and eco-fashion, they become more convinced that eco fashion can indeed be beautiful and stylish.

Combining high profile glamour with ethics is the latest trend today and our celebs know for sure how to flaunt that trend the best. So, here we take a look at 10 celebrities actively supporting organic fashion on twitter and other social media platforms:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson in support of Organic Fashion
The Beauty and The Beast actress, who is also a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, promotes ethical standards and fair trade in fashion. She has collaborated with ethical fashion organization, People Tree, to create a youth fashion line and has been using her status to make eco fashion popular among youngsters. This beauty is definitely worth following. Her twitter handle is - @EmmaWatson

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyenth Paltrow with Organic Fashion
Gwyneth Paltrow has now become one of the leading faces for sustainable and organic fashion, and she is definitely not letting us down! In addition to featuring sustainable products on her e-commerce website Goop, the actress chooses to wear only organic and eco-friendly clothes in her personal and professional life too. Many women look up to her and want to join her green initiative. You can follow her on Twitter here - @GwynethPaltrow

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman in support of Organic Fashion
Another very popular celebrity making moves in the sustainable fashion industry is Natalie Portman. The Oscar-winning actress is making a strong stance as am ardent supporter of organic and eco fashion. She even chose a wedding ring for herself that was made with an antique diamond, certified-conflict-free pave diamonds surrounding it and the metal used in it was recycled metal platinum. Her official twitter account is - @natpdotcom


Will.i.am supports recycled sustainable fashion
Will.i.am, who is the winner of 7 Grammy awards, is renowned for his contributions to eco-friendly fashion. The famous rapper started EkoCycle initiative which encourages designers to use recycled materials in their clothing and accessories. His twitter account is - @iamwill.

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams towards Organic Fashion
The American rapper, singer and songwriter has been greatly promoting eco friendly fashion at all levels. He is the creative director of Bionic Yarn, a company that creates threads and fabrics from recycled plastic bottles. In his own words, fashion is a “universal player in protecting the planet”. You can follow your favorite star @Pharrell on Twitter.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie promotes Organic Fashion wear
Margot Robbie is another famous celebrity who took organic fashion to the red carpet. Robbie took the ‘green carpet challenge’ along with Emma Watson and wore organic fashion at 2016 Met Gala event. Her strapless white dress was made from organic silk and featured zippers made from recycled materials. You can find this star on twitter here - @MargotRobbie

Olivia Wilde

Eco Fashion and Olivia Wilde
The ‘On the inside’ actress is really beautiful not just in her outward appearance but on the inside too. Olivia Wilde is a co-founder of Conscious Commerce, a company aimed at supporting ethically sourced and sustainably created brands, products and ideas. She not just urges people to embrace eco-fashion but also encourages people to dispose off their clothing responsibly. You can follow her here - @oliviawilde

Neil Young

Neil Young in an organic Cotton T-shirt
Music is a language that doesn’t need words and the legendary musician, Neil Young uses this power of music to spread the message of eco-fashion wherever he goes. During his European summer tour in 2014, Neil gave his fans organic cotton t-shirts with “protect earth” written on them. What an innovative way to spread the message of the environment! You can follow him here - @Neilyoung

Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson speaks in support of Organic Fashion

Multitalented, Rosario Dawson is an actress, writer, producer, singer, activist, and sustainable fashion designer. She is the co-Founder of sustainable fashion brand Voz, which has made sustainable fashion quite popular among youth. You can follow her on twitter here - @rosariodawson

From red carpet events to promotional tours, these eco-conscious celebs are using their fame to show the world that organic fashion can be super stylish. So, the next time someone tells you that organic fashion is ‘not so stylish’, tell them to follow these ‘stellar sustainable stars’. Organic fashion is the trend today. Fashion designers and brands like Coastore are making a commitment to sustainability with renewed fervor. Coastore takes high fashion styles and makes them sustainable by using only organic materials. With super stylish and trendy organic clothing and accessories, you can stay on top of fashion game always while feeling good for having made the right choice.


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