Organic Clothes for Women this Winter

If I am to begin this article in the most cliched way of 2018, you could undeniably expect me to say - Winter Is Here. The misty mornings, the foggy afternoons and warm cozy nights by the bonfire - winters are beautiful, no doubt, but sundresses are not for them.

It’s the time for fur coats and woolen scarves. And being 2018, fur coats are now sustainable. Anything sustainable helps conserve the ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources. Finally, your fashion-obsessed self can help save the world.

Imagine wearing a leopard print that is completely leopard-friendly or a black leather jacket that doesn’t exploit nature. Case in point, after oil, the fashion industry is the biggest polluter. Professor Dilys Williams from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion rightly says, “Fashion holds a mirror up to society, showing what’s going on in economic, cultural, social and environmental terms. It is also implicated in some of the biggest environmental and social challenges that we face globally including climate change and modern slavery.”

Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion aims at teaching their graduates about more than what fashion looks like on the runway. They make them understand the impacts of fashion on the environment and think about alternatives to the problems.

Production of organic clothing comes at a remarkable advantage to not just the environment but also us, the fashion wearers. The demand for clothes has increased in recent years. This also means that the use of pesticides increased in the farmlands. The impact of these pesticide-laden fabrics was analyzed by the World Health Organisation and the results were astounding. Over 20,000 deaths are caused by toxic farmlands every year during the manufacturing process.

Cotton is the biggest culprit of all. More than 25% of pesticide use is to grow cotton. And if you’re wondering if this toxicity moves on to that graphic tee, then let me tell you that every cotton T-shirt requires 500 grams of harmful chemicals.

This is one example of why sustainable is such a necessity in today’s world. We have managed to pollute the environment not just by driving in luxury cars, using refrigerators to keep our ice cream cold but also producing cotton and wearing leather boots.

Organic cotton is one step ahead in the right direction. It is grown without the use of any chemicals or synthetic fertilizers. They are manufactured sans dyes and are totally allergy-free. Instead of pesticides, ladybugs are used to kill harmful insects. This total green makeover of cotton has made it ultra-famous for business and is widely found in stores.

Another alternative to conventional cotton, other than organically grown cotton, is the recycled form of the fiber. It involves no harsh mechanisms during processing. Recycled cotton is made using the extra cotton discarded during the processing of normal, conventional cotton.

Going green doesn’t mean you can’t look good in the color. Here’s our pick for top fashion apparels you can go for this winter:

  • Asymmetrical Jumper: You can never go wrong with a jumper. Add a bit of asymmetrical fashion and a pair of jeans to it and you have your go-to winter costume.

  • High-Neck Sweater: Who says you can’t look cute in winters? In fact, this turtle-neck sweater proves just the opposite when paired with a woolen cap and black boots.

  • Grey Hoodie: You know that feeling when you come back home from a long day of work and jump right into your hoodie and get cozy with a warm cup of coffee? This organic hoodie is that everyday hoodie.

  • Fur Crop Jacket: Your date night velvet dress is incomplete without this fur crop jacket. As cute as it is, this organic jacket will keep you warm in the chilly winter evening.

  • White Long Coat: Finish your everyday office look with this long white overcoat. It will keep you warm, enhance your fashion and make you feel happy in yourself knowing you’re contributing in saving the environment with this organic coat.

  • Using environmentally responsible clothing is something we should’ve done a long time ago. But better late than never; manufacturing organic fashion was one step, revamping our wardrobes and going on a green shopping spree is next.

    We’re responsible for all the natural destruction. It’s only time we started fixing what we broke. Head on to your nearest organic stores and get yourself a warm, furry winter coat to snuggle up to.

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