Organic clothing: Moving towards a sustainable wardrobe!

The first thing that one would ponder over is surely going to be ‘What is Organic Clothing’? Isn’t it? Let’s dig into the whys, ifs and buts!


Cotton is one of the most widely used products in the fashion world but did you know the cotton that is used is made with extensive amounts of pesticides?

These pesticides affect not only the environment but the workers and users too!

How can we recreate the steps for a more sustainable wardrobe?

There is a general process to turn a cotton seed into cotton apparel,

  1. Planting and growing
  2. Harvesting
  3. Manufacturing

Step 1. The best laid plans make it happen!

It’s always better to prevent problems before they occur, right?

By focusing on managing and eliminating weeds and insects, organic farmers are able to maintain ecological balance and protect the environment. Organic cotton is now being grown in more than 18 countries worldwide.

Organic Farming starts with healthy soil. The soil is seen as a living system and not simply a growing medium for plants.

Organic Farmers have many options to control weeds including: intercropping, more efficient use of irrigation water etc and to control pests, crop rotation and biological pesticides such as neem oil are used.

Step 2.  Reap a harvest of the cotton bud…

Cotton is also an important food source for humans and animals. It is comprised of 40% fibre and 60% seed by weight. Cottonseed, which is rich in oil and high in protein, is a common ingredient in cookies, potato chips, salad dressings, baked goods, and other processed foods.

Step 3.  Assembling and moulding..

  •  Spinning the cotton fibers to create yarn,
  •  Weaving or knitting to create bolts of cotton fabric
  •  Fabric dyeing,
  • Finishing process to create the smooth fabric,
  •  Cutting and sewing of garment for consumers.

Versatility, breathability, absorbency, year round comfort and durability are just a few of the qualities that have earned cotton its saleable status. Consumer demand has driven the organic clothing initiatives from small beginnings to a progressive one by choosing 100% pure fabrics for high quality fashion garments.

Fascinated by the gripping facts?  Here are a few more!

To maintain the quintessence of ‘Eco and Organic’, it’s made sure that the clothes are certified with

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers.

Know what low impact dyes are and what makes them better:

Low impact dyes have a higher than average absorption rate.

This means less water is required in the rinse process and less dye runs off in the water; therefore, the dyes have a lower impact on the environment.

Low-impact dyes do not contain heavy metals (like chrome, copper and zinc), nor do they require toxic chemicals to fix them to the fiber.  They require less heat, which saves energy resource.

An insight into the evolution!

COA not only keeps up with the trending dailies but also makes the community aware of the whopping change one sole apparel can uplift.

What according to COA is the difference between style and fashion?

Well, it’s quality! All things considered, it’s a melange of Nature, Fashion, Youth! Well, It’s always better to take fair trades to places it’s not been!

Want to know how and why?

Think of a fiber that is non-allergenic, comforting, 100% plant-derived, soothing, has high absorbent properties and is non-irritant! Apart from being the top natural fiber in terms of its uses in cloth manufacturing, it’s sure the only name that will cross your mind is “cotton!”

Organic cotton has a sense of ethical luxury to it; not only it is a beautiful fabric, it is grown in harmony with people and nature. While organic cotton production may never fully take the place of conventional cotton, the health, social and environmental benefits are huge. Organic clothing alternatives are worth pursuing.

Just think, by making a choice which is out of the box we can change the world with our initiative and one humble organic cotton apparel at a time. Still wondering how nature merges with fashion and youth?

COA makes sure to daze their customers with a ‘one stop shop.’ It means you are contributing to nature and keeping your wardrobe distinct as well!

How exciting is that?

The products are supposed to have a ‘good-fit’, in terms of being unique. As a youthful, fun and lively brand, it emphasizes on both environment and fashion to source the finest quality of organic clothes with the best efforts. An interesting thing to know is that they have started from seed money to give their clientele the best values!

Wear clothes that matter as responsible practices ensure your clothing is as soft on the planet as it is on your skin….

Blown by the combination of threes? Keep a track on COA for more!



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