Style sins to avoid to look your fashionable best in the rains

Rains are finally here. While most of the people are heaving a sigh of relief, probably relishing tea with hot snacks with their dear ones, fashionistas out there are scratching their heads on how to look their best in the season. Monsoon is perhaps the most romantic of all seasons but drenched ensemble, stained clothes, wet socks and frizzy hair is no way to welcome it.

We want you to always look your stylish best, so we have compiled a guide for smart monsoon dressing. This will help you avoid the common monsoon fashion mistakes and look your stylish best even when it rains cats and dogs in your city.

Avoid Denims and Corduroys

Denims and Corduroys are heavy fabrics that soak a lot of water and do not dry up easily, for hours at least. If you get drenched in rains, not only will wearing wet clothes cause you unease, they can also make your body itchy and prone to fungal and bacterial infections. Yet, if you really can’t do without denims, you can flaunt your denim look by rolling up your trousers. The rule of thumb is - three folds for girls and two for men. You can pair your folded denims with no-socks rubber sneakers, and you are all set to make a style splash!

 No Denim and Courduroys on rainy days

Stash away the whites

Unless you’re comfortable wearing sheer clothes, avoid light colours, especially white in rains. In rainy season, downpour can happen anytime and you may end up getting wet in the rains. Rains invariably mean puddles and mud too. So, to avoid stains and mud on your clothes, stay away from whites, especially if you are going outside. It is a real pain to wash away such tough stains. So, make sure you have solid and dark coloured tops in your monsoon wardrobe. With them, you can enjoy complete peace of mind under the clouds. With  solid dress materials you also don’t need to wear an undershirt.

Avoid white dresses in Rain

Avoid synthetic fabrics; wear organic fabrics

Synthetic clothes not just make you feel sticky and uncomfortable but also cause itching and skin rashes. So avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible. When it comes to monsoon dressing, nothing can beat or be better than the good old cotton. It is breathable and doesn’t react bizarrely with water, making your skin feel good and itch-free. If you want to buy the best quality certified organic cotton dresses for your monsoon dressing, you can visit the best organic fashion store in India. The store has some of the best range of ensembles for your all weather dressing needs. This means you get the best quality certified organic clothes that don’t compromise on your style, no matter what the season!

Wear Organic Fashion

Steer away from flowy dresses

When it’s raining, avoid flowy dresses like- maxi dresses, trailing jackets or long skirts. Instead, opt for cute shorts,capris and minis to stay comfortable and make heads turn. Not only will they keep you cool and comfy but will prevent you from looking sloppy if you get drenched in a sudden shower. Also, make sure your shorts or capris are not body-hugging. Loose clothes dry quicker and don’t feel sticky.

 Avoid Long flowy dresses on rainy days

Opt for simple jewellery

Fashionable jewellery does look great with any outfit and instantly adds a pinch of glam to your style but in the monsoon season, it is best to avoid wearing heavy jewellery and accessories that hurt the eyes. Moisture in the air will cause them to rust and may cause skin allergies. Moreover, teaming chunky jewellery with raincoats and gumboots is a big fashion disaster. Instead of that, you can opt for simple studs and a sleek chain with a small pendant to add an element of bling to your monsoon style.

 Try basic accessories

 Avoid high heels

High heels should be avoided at all cost during rainy season. They don’t just get damaged in rains but also lack good grip. So, replace your high heels with comfortable footwear which has a good grip. They will prevent you from slipping or getting caught in muddy puddles. Waterproof sandals, floaters or sneakers are the best for this season as they will keep you safe and do not get damaged in the rains. Crocs are also extremely comfortable choice for this season and they do not get spoilt with the water.

 Flat heels

Avoid wearing tall, clunky boots

No matter how appealing they look, traditional tall rain boots can often be bulky, which makes it difficult for the wearer to walk around in the rains. Also, although rubber and plastic are waterproof, they do not breathe well, so either choose sandals or boots that are short and sleek. They'll protect your feet but won’t feel hot and sticky.

No tall clunky boots on rainy days

Avoid complex hairstyles

Your hairstyle is an important component of your overall look, but rain and moisture makes styling a bit hard. Moreover, rain water and moisture can damage your hair and make you look dull. So, it is very important to avoid hairstyles that lead to further damage. Try simple hairstyles that are not tricky and easy to care for. You can opt for a hair bun and ponytail, that are easy to do and ideal for the monsoon season. If by any chance you get drenched during rainy season, you can open and dry them easily and tie them again for a sleek look.

 Simple hairstyles on rainy days

Don’t forget hair protection

Unexpected rains can easily ruin your freshly-styled tresses. To stay safe from such unexpected situation, you can wear a hooded jacket. If it starts raining out of nowhere, you cover your hair and still look stylish. You can also wear a beanie or a hat. They make you look good and prevent your hair from becoming frizzy due to the humidity.

Use caps and hoodies to protect hair in rain

Loud makeup is a complete no-no

Makeup is a very important part of our dressing. But, monsoon makeup can be quite tricky as it is easy to get smudged and washed off when it rains. So, a little caution is required when you apply your monsoon make-up. Non waterproof makeup should be totally avoided if you don’t want to have your makeup smudging all over your face when it rains. As much as possible, wear a very minimal make-up, waterproof of course. Also, if you are leaving home for a long day then don’t forget to carry your makeup essentials for quick retouch.

Avoid Loud make up in the rain

Last, but not the least

We understand, you totally love yourself when you are all dressed up but, don’t be tempted to leave your rain gear at home. Keep an umbrella or rain jacket in your bag at all times. You can also carry an ultra-light windcheater in your bag to protect your stylish clothes from drizzle and muddy splashes.

 Always carry umbrellas on rainy days

India is a country that has the best monsoon season in the world. So when you have to be out there going about your day, make sure to follow the tips enlisted above and be ready to make heads turn with your amazing monsoon style! AND to shop for the most comfortable monsoon clothes visit organic fashion stores in India. The store has some of the most stylish dresses made of certified organic materials that will make your skin happy and itch-free even in wet and sticky monsoon season.


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