About us

Everyone has a story, so do we,

Are you aware that conventional cotton is the second most harmful thing in the world after pollution and you are wearing it?  Quite a lot of thoughtful steps have been taken for organic food and household products but what about organic fashion materials?

Organic cotton contains no pesticides, no GMOs, no exploitations but only love!

Thus, we thought of taking a small step towards a massive, yet a lesser known problem to produce environmentally and socially responsible clothing for a better environment and future. And the best thing we could do is, eliminate the use of pesticides, toxics and chemicals and make clothes grow in harmony with people and nature.

More organic cotton means more diversification of crops, more stability of the farmers, more eco-friendly steps and more of happy us!

Think of how you’re eradicating pollution, saving the trees, increasing soil fertility, preserving wildlife,  all by wearing premium organic clothes and this is exactly what we want the world to do!

At COA, we believe fashion can also be beneficial to the world in many ways.
So here we are, with our exclusive range of 100% Organic Fashion made with GOTS certified Organic Cotton Fabrics and nothing else.

Wear good & spread the word Organic.





Naman, Founder

Naman, an entrepreneur but wait, he isn’t from IIT! Fashion college drop out but back to what he does the best and this time with a zeal of bringing a change. Very much of a nature enthusiast! Happy with our products and homely services? He owes it!


Jivesh, Co-Founder

Jivesh is just another tech-savvy and an entrepreneur. Got any feedback or complaints? He’s there as your listening ear. Along with this, he’s someone who doesn’t believe in seeking but making a chance for a better tomorrow! Definitely more of a doer than a dreamer!


Ritika, Fashion Designer

Ritika, our in-house fashion designer believes that designers are the artisans of future. Her design decisions are the fabrics of tomorrow’s fashion world! Well, they can make you dress like you are already famous!


Reach out to us at hello@coastore.in