Why Organic?

Who doesn’t love wearing clothes that are super light and breathable? We all
do. But who all know how harmful is the conventional cotton that we are
wearing everyday?
Well, conventional cotton covers 25% of the world’s chemical market, making
it the most used toxic crop grown in the planet. And in India the percentage of
pesticides goes upto 55% which is both disturbing and devastating!
COA, fabricates clothes that are made up of 100% organic cotton with eco-
friendly dyes. Here’s all you benefit from organic cotton:
  • Anything organic is 100% plant derived.
  • It is devoid of pesticides, chemicals and other hazardous toxics which are harmful for us and our Nature.
  • More diversification of crops, more water retention.
  • No usage of GMOs and artificial dyes.
  • Better soil conservation through crop rotation practices.
  • People with allergies and chemical sensitivity benefit greatly from organic cotton.
  • The benefits of organic cotton is supposedly more durable and comfortable.
  • Less pollution, lesser diseases.
We too were. And thus,
Premium organic fashion in India is now easier to buy!